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Projection Mapping Services

What is Projection Mapping?

From the Swiss Alps behind an elegant stage to a rainforest almost engulfing guests at a dinner table – Projection Mapping in Las Vegas can be a mind-bending tool used to transform objects or physical spaces into a display surfaces. This visual technique has become a futuristic and exciting AV option. It’s a fascinating and visually impressive element, guaranteed to ‘wow’ your guests. At Pure AV, we have the right equipment and expertise necessary to produce an incredible Vegas Projection Mapping Immersive Experience.

In short, using the most technologically advanced laser projectors, along with powerful media servers, we cast images, videos or other content on almost any flat or irregular surface. This creates dynamic visuals transforming illusions into reality and images of infinite possibilities. This type of technology is ideal for advertising, branding, entertainment, conferences, and trade show presentations. The result is quite stunning! There is no limit to what you can come up with for your event with this AV option. Our team can work with you from concept to execution, helping you bring your vision to life.

Las Vegas Projection Mapping

Just imagine taking that walk into a venue being welcomed by a buzzing city skyline projected on all the walls around you. To make this happen, we use only the best and most trusted technical and audio visual equipment. By using powerful high-definition and 4K laser projectors, we are able to design and formulate multimedia. Afterwards we use 4 of the best software programs available – Coolux Pandora’s Box, Arkaos Media Master Pro, Dataton Watchout and Resolume Arena to cast visuals beautifully on venue walls and irregular objects. Contact us for your Las Vegas Projection Mapping Rentals and other AV needs.

Our team has worked with different clients ranging from government organizations to trade show clients and event planners; to create a truly unique event. With our years of experience with this technology, we can turn the most elaborate architectural pieces of an event space to become a reflection of your theme, imagery, color, branding or message. Very important to note that projecting mapping is only as great as the content being projected. This can be a complicating task, to simplify things we take care of it for you! We have in house multimedia designers capable of creating specialized custom content.

Booking Pure AV Projection Mapping Services

Are you ready to take the next step and explore this amazing world of projection mapping and any other Las Vegas Audio Visual Rentals? If so, our team is ready to help right now.

We encourage you to fill out the form below and our staff will be sure to respond within 24 hours. If you are still eager to learn more, check out Pure AV’s social handles – FacebookInstagramLinkedIn and YouTube. We are ready to help with your upcoming projection mapping needs!

They managed to work as a team with great communication, and go around unpredictable situations, to make things happen. We at Top Choice Awards, already booked them for the next 2 years! From Josh, to Chris to the entire team, my sincere thank you and looking forward to many more events to come!

David Silvestre

Used Pure AV for 3 high profile events in 3 high profile hotels, what a seamless experience. The staff was perfect, the equipment was on point, and the audio and video were excellent. I was happy at the level of professionalism and degree of technical expertise!

Siber X

Working with the Pure AV team has been nothing short of amazing. They are incredibly efficient and know more about A/V than most companies in this industry. There is no problem too big for them and every time I use them, I think to myself “how could I have ever done this without them?". I cannot recommend using Pure AV enough!!

Raphaela Schneider-Friedman

We can’t thank Pure AV enough for the work they did for our community Visioning Night. Staff were under an enormous time crunch yet they made it happen smoothly and seamlessly - and everyone from the company was kind and helpful. I would recommend Pure AV services to anyone!

Nancy Reid Oldridge

Pure AV was amazing to work with. They were very quick to respond and were able to accommodate all of our requests. Their service exceeded our expectations, and their professional ability to decorate the venue made all the difference. I would highly recommend Pure AV to anyone who has an event coming up and requires audio visual services.

Eunji Lee

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